The SEXED Series


SI1 (101) – Classes: 1 Hours:

(SFL 101) – *@Sensuality Flogging: Using Leather as the Ultimate Foreplay.

Learn how to use and care for floggers, safety issues associated with flogging and combining hypnotic language and leather together to create intense needs in your partner, all leading to incredible sexual pleasure.  This class is for beginner through seasoned and advanced players.  Some use of floggers and different throw methods is helpful, but will be learned during this class.

(VHS 101) – @Vibrational Energy Release & The Body’s Electric and Magnetic Fields:  Spinning for Pain Relief.

The body’s electromagnetic field and vibrational healing capabilities are boundless.  This hands-on class will teach the concepts of using your vibrational energy for pain relief and healing.   The 5 elements of energy, hermetics and empowerment of your Chakras will be covered.  You will naturally experience living pain free.  Each person will practice with three other people in the class to learn the techniques to utilize your own energy and healing powers.

SI2 (202) – Classes: 1.5 Hours:

(LOL 210) – @The Language of Love:  “Building Rapport & Intimacy with your Partner or Other Couples.”

You will be taken on a journey of understanding; leading you down the rabbit hole to the incredible intimacy building techniques discussed.  This class starts with learning pacing, which stimulates rapport.  This journey stimulates your senses with the 3 magic questions; these powerful questions are the equivalent of simply, automatically, logically and intuitively melting away the barriers, allowing you to move beyond speaking.  During this class you will understand the 7 critical path language patterns, leading to expanding your intimacy.

During this class you will expand and sharpen your awareness, resulting in the discovery of enhanced relationships from the bedroom to the boardroom and in between.  You may even find yourself stopping the language patterns you were using; start using these new patterns; and fully understanding your communication now.

(VHB 201)-**@Vibrational Energy & The Body’s Electric & Magnetic Fields: Foreplay Ecstasy & Sensual Release

The body’s electric field & magnetic fields, connection though touch and relaxation help the participant in this hands-on stimulating journey.  The powerful effects of intimate connection, massage and somatic imagery lead you down the remarkable journey through intense intimacy utilizing breathing and connecting to the most powerful 5 elements of energy in the universe.  Volunteers may be used from the audience.

(ESH 201) – @Erotic Hypnosis

Welcome to the incredibly explosive world of Erotic Hypnosis.  Realize the stimulating effects as you go deeper, further into feeling your intense pleasure… allow your mind and body to just experience … pleasure, to logically and intuitively feel unlimited pleasure with each breath… as your pleasure expands beyond all other pleasure… during the explosion of greater pleasure you feel 1st and foremost … It’s time to attend this class.

SI3 (401)-Paid classes during the event:  $175 cash/$200 cc.

(MHS 201) – **The Cumming Trigger: Multi-Orgasmic and Squirting Using Hypnotic Language.

Physical techniques combined with hypnosis and the language of love create a powerful and duplicable experience for your life moving forward.  This class not only is a hands-on learning experience involving the techniques for squirting; it goes beyond. The sensuality in class, with its intensity and ability to anchor a lifelong change producing amazing clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms and anal orgasms, an experience not to be missed. This experience is so powerful students have reported they have never felt orgasms such as this.  One student, who at the age of 48 had never had a vaginal orgasm, began having vaginal orgasms and squirting while making love.  These techniques will ultimately change both partners love life going forward forever.

(MBO 201) – **Mind Blowing and Body Quivering Oral Sex!

Geared toward the ultimate female pleasure your partner will learn how to utilize your own body energy for orgasmic release. This is the energy moving the receiver naturally and automatically beyond chemical interactions while using of all the senses; visual, audio, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory delectability’s.   All combine to create rapturous results beyond belief.  Jag will assist your partner in learning the techniques and somatic nervous systems and raceways that will lead you to the most incredible intimacy and sexual pleasure you have always known your body has, but haven’t known exactly how-to fully tap into your unleashed feminine power and explosive sensuality.

(SEH 501) **@ The Art of Sensual Sexuality: From Biology to the Ultimate in Sexual Ecstasy

 5-day intensive Workshop

“Women and men both experience orgasm, desire, and arousal, and men too, can experience responsive desire, arousal non-concordance, and lack of orgasm with penetration.  Women and men both can fall in love, fantasize, masturbate, feel puzzled about sex and experience ecstatic pleasure.  They both can ooze fluids, travel forbidden paths of sexual imagination, encounter the unexpected and starling ways that sex shows up in every domain in life—and confront the unexpected and startling ways that sex sometimes declines, politely or otherwise, to show up.  So…are women and men really that different?” Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.

The journey of our sexuality and sensuality begins in this class with understanding human sexuality not through behavior, but the how and why it comes to be.  The class is divided into 4 parts. (1) The basics and not so basic; (2) Sex in context; (3) sex in action; and (4) achieving ecstasy.

The beginning of the class is a detailed discussion of human sexuality and the language patterns of love.  We then detail the sexual response mechanisms and dual control model of inhibition and excitation, introducing how the systems of the brain and environment shape whether a particular sensation or person turns you on right now in the moment.

The second part of the class helps you recognize how the basic hardware functions with your emotions, relationships, feelings about your body and sexual attitudes.  We will delve deeper into two primary emotional systems,